Among the more than 250 journal articles by this author, here are a select few recently published:

    • Philip R. Harris (2009) Space Theme Parks: Promoting Space to the Public Space Policy; April 2009
    • Philip R. Harris (2006) Mirrors and Microwave – Why the World Needs Global Policies on Space-based Energy Spaceflight; Vol.50; No.8, August 2006, pp. 300-306. Co-authored with Dr. David Criswell for the journal of the British Interplanetary Society
    • Philip R. Harris (2008) Overcoming Obstacles to Private Enterprise in Space Space Policy; Vol. 24,2008, pp.124-127.
    • Philip R. Harris (2008) Moon Miners Manifesto; A five-part series for the journal of The Moon Society, August-Decembber, 2008

Philip R. Harris (2005).Humanity 3000 – Symposium Proceedings. Bellevue, WA: Foundation for the Future. Author commentary: pp. 41-2, 67-8; 115, 133-4, 136, 184, 236.

  • Philip R. Harris (2007) Beyond Boundaries: Reflections of U. S. and Indian Scholars.Lincoln, NE: iUniverse Publishing
  • Philip R. Harris (2004). European leadership in cultural synergy. European business review. Vol 16, Issue 4, pp. 358-380.
  • Philip R. Harris (1992). Social Concerns. In McKay, F.E. D.S., and Duke, M.B. (Eds.). Space resources. (NASA-SP-509)(Vol. 4). Washington, D.C. U.S. Government Printing Office.