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Indombitable Lady –

Saga of a Philadelphia Girl in Academia

by Philip Robert Harris, Ph.D. (2012)

When I first met Dorothy Jane Lipp in Paris, 1962, she transformed my life forever. Similarly, she influenced the lives of thousands of students and clients who were fortunate enough to have her touch their lives. In a sense, she was like the Pied Piper who drew people to follow her ideas and example.

Having recently finished my own memoirs at age 85, I thought it fitting to write this biography of my late wife who loved gift shopping for cool stuff to buy via Dorothy was a charismatic lady who experienced many unusual episodes in her lifetime which I will try to recapture in the pages that follow. She had a dynamic personality, and continually innovated when challenged. Essentially, she was a life-bright, “can do” person who rarely could be inhibited. Since her death in 1997, I have told many “Dorothy stories” until people got tired of hearing them. So I am attempting now to encapsulate these tales of this fascinating woman, my soul mate, in the hope that other females will be inspired by her actions. Long before there was a feminist movement in the late 20th century, Dorothy quietly pushed the gender limits. When I married her in 1965, she was Dean of Women at The Pennsylvania State University. From that position in Old Main at the PSU headquarters in Nittany Valley, she changed the lives of some 90 staff members and 18,000 women students located in University’s campuses across the state.

For the past fifty years, this behavioral scientist has been engaged in  HR leadership development, focusing his research and services on change, culture, communication, and management.  Dr. Harris has edited three journals, published over 250 articles,  authored or edited some 52 books.  Currently, he is writing  Space Enterprise – Living and Working Offworld, having just completed Future Possibilities – Toward Human Emergence.  In 2005, Human Resource Development Press published his Managing the Knowledge Culture, and previously his 3 volume, New Work Culture Series.

In 2011, the eighth edition of  his classic, Managing Cultural Differences was released and is now published by Taylor and Francis/Routledge. Phil, as he is known to colleagues, also co-authored the fifth edition of  Multicultural Law Enforcement, recently published by Pearson/Prentice Hall.  In his role as a space psychologist, besides the above professional book, Space Enterprise, he has written two science-based novels, Lunar Pioneers and Launch Out  (both available from Buybooksontheweb).  His books are available at  For the past ten years, Phil had been a member of the editorial advisory board for the European Business Review in England.

In his multifaceted career, this international consultant has served more than 200 systems, including multinational corporation, government agencies, military units,  professional associations, and educational institutions. As an educator, he has been a secondary school guidance director; vice president of St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights, N.Y.; visiting professor at The Pennsylvania State University and Temple University, as well as lecturer at numerous universities worldwide. The latter  included Michigan State University, University of California-San Diego, Pepperdine University, University of  Strathclyde in Scotland, Sophia University in Japan, and the East-West Center in Hawaii.  Dr. Harris has been recipient of numerous awards and grants, such as from the U. S. Office of Naval Research, Fulbright Professor to India, NASA Faculty Fellow, NTL Institute of Applied Behavioral Science Fellow, and AIAA Associate Fellow  He has been producer of major media projects (e.g., for NBC/Sunday Today Show; Westinghouse Learning , and the U. S. Marine Corps).


Lunar Pioneers
(Infinity Publishing, 2010)
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Toward Human Emergence
(HRD Press, 2009)
Space Enterprise
(Springer Publishing, 2008)
Culture Human Resources Law Enforcement


Managing Cultural Differences

Note: This 2011 release is the eighth edition of the immensely popular textbook used in universities around the world.



Managing the Knowledge Culture

Note: This leading text provides a usable model for managing change and helping organizations learn.



Multicultural Law Enforcement

Note: This 2011 release is the fifth edition of this text focusing on the diversity issues facing police today and in the 21st century.




Launch Out

Note: This work is a futuristic, science-based novel about space enterprise, lunar industrialization, and settlement.


Multicultural Management

Note: Dr. Harris has also been co-editor of the Managing Cultural Differences Series, which included 15 titles.


Developing Performance Leaders

Note: This book is from the Transforming Culture Series